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    Anticorrosive primersMaintenance primers
  • Technology
    Epoxy mastic
  • Substrate
    Carbon steelGalvanized steelStainless steelConcreteCoated surfacesShop primed steel
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Launched in 1987, Jotamastic 87 was the first product in the Jotamastic range, specifically designed for maintenance purposes.

In the ideal world, steel substrates at maintenance would be prepared to Sa 2 1/2. In reality, costly downtime, restricted budgets and complex structures difficult to reach can mean blast cleaning is not an option. With grit-blasting being an increasing concern due to dust contamination, hydro-jetting is becoming more frequently used and may lead to flash rust upon drying of the surface.

This requires products with good wetting properties that minimizes the risk of coating failures due to challenging surface preparations caused by the environment.

Key features

  • Surface tolerance
  • Anticorrosive properties
  • Specialised usage

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