Chain blocks

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  • CAPACITY (ex. 1.0TON)
  • Whether CLASS CERT is required or not. (3 to 5 months is required for submission)

Chain block is a hand operated device that is able to lift or lower loads. Two type of chain blocks, DS and DH, are available with different capacities and net weight. Both series can be provided in stainless steel or explosion proof version. Please contact us for special specifications.

How to operate

There are two different chains in chain block which are load chain and hand chain. Load chain lifts or lower the loads when the hand chain is pulled. If you want to move the loads side to side, Trolley combined with chain block can be used.

Caution to use

Chain block is optimized to bear vertical loads. When fixing or pulling a load, upper hook, bottom hook and load chain should be aligned in vertical position in order to bear the safety load. According to Occupation Safety and Health Acts, hook and load chain of lever Hoist should be replaced if the hook throat opening is stretched by more than 10% or if load chain is stretched by more than 5%.

Load chain, hook and chain pin which are directly bearing the load should be checked regularly since stretched length is difficult to measure through visual inspection. Lever Hoists are devices that are easily exposed to risk of overload, be careful when using such devices.


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