Clevis sling hook

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  • Grade 100, alloy steel – to suit grade 100 chain assemblies
  • Red painted finish
  • Meets the WLL performance requirements of EN1677-3
  • Minimum breaking load is 4 x WLL
  • Marked with manufacturers identification, material grade, size and part number
  • Fatigue tested
  • Applied norm EN 1677-3

The perfect general purpose hook for all occasions, clevis sling hooks can be used as a chain component in any task. From haulage to heavy lifting, these hooks can assist with towing or raising large loads in all industries.

With no need for a connector, clevis hooks for lifting can be fitted straight onto a chain with ease, allowing for swift attachment and detachment. Unique to sling hooks with a latch is a built-in safety catch that engages when a lift is in transit to prevent slippage. This safety feature can prove invaluable when you are lifting heavy loads that could cause harm if not fastened securely.

The features of our clevis sling hooks include a stainless steel spring to prevent corrosion, a fatigue-rated test result of 20,000, and an alloy steel body that is quenched and tempered.

For ease of identification, all our clevis sling hooks come in bright yellow, neon orange, or vibrant green and they are branded with their batch number and size too. The size of our hooks range from just 7/8mm to 16mm, so you’ll be guaranteed to find the right size hook for the job!


Black, Yellow


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