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In industrial terms, a gasket, or an industrial gasket, is a mechanical seal used to bridge the gap between two surfaces. Gaskets work very simply. Resting in a space between two parts, gaskets create a pressure-tight seal that does not allow any leakage into or out of the component they are sealing. They put an end to the potential for leaks from or into products or areas. They ensure the smooth and proper functioning of many of the gadgets and equipment we use in our everyday lives.

Gaskets are unique because they allow less than perfectly matched mating surfaces. They allow because they fill in the gaps between them, no matter their shape. As such, gaskets can be customized in all sorts of ways; they range in their design from very simple to very complex, come in all shapes and sizes, and are used for a broad range of sealing applications. You can customize even the simplest type of gasket, the o-ring, or you can get a more complex custom gasket. If you want, for example, you can have your gasket textured to fit into a connection point more effectively. Typical textures include tapered, ridged, and grooved. However, in order to create a tight seal between two objects, you can ask for virtually any die cut or molded shape.

Advantages of Gaskets

Control Over Connections:

In addition to the increasing availability of new gasketing materials, innovative gasket configurations have given professionals control over the most demanding and irregular connections.


The soft, malleable material of gaskets conveniently and efficiently works between the parts where it is placed.


Gaskets work incredibly well. Pressure-tight closures enforced by gaskets can strongly resist the impact of pressure, temperature, and several other factors, such as an electromagnetic field.

Improved Safety

Innovations in gasket design and gasket manufacturing have contributed significantly to improved safety and efficiency of all kinds of industrial products: vehicles, pumping equipment and pipelines are just a few examples. Furthermore, gaskets play a very important role in any system that uses them, especially when toxic chemicals or liquids are involved and a spill could place harm on surrounding people and the environment.


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