Clevis grab hook

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  • Conforms to EN 1677-4.
  • Made from alloy steel.
  • The links are suitable for use in a temperature range of -40C up to 200C without a reduction in the Working Load Limit (WLL).
  • The Grab Hook has been proof tested 2.5 times the working load limit of 4:1 W.L.L
  • Fatigue rated 20,000 cyclic test.
  • Please see the adjacent technical specification photo for additional information.
  • The available colours are Green, Yellow, or Orange.

Clevis grab hooks are constructed from heavy-duty alloy steel so that their proof load is 2.5 times the Work Load Limit. The saddle of the hook is braced to allow a more secure hookup as well as reducing wear and tear. The almost round section in the middle also resists bending.

Usefully, the clevis fitting of these chain components allows direct connection to the correct size of chain only, so you can’t make any errors. You can find other chain components here.

These Clevis Grab Hooks are designed for use with a Grade 80 chain for shortening the chain sling or holding the required length of chain in place, the hook’s slim gap prevents slip-off by allowing full engagement with the strap.


  • Made from high grade alloy steel. Grade 80 (Quenched and Tempered)
  • For use with Grade 80 alloy chain for lifting applications
  • Marked with Brand, WLL, Batch No and Size
  • Proof Load Tested to 2.5 x WLL
  • Ulitmate Load is 4 times Capacity

Black, Yellow


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