Circular Saw

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Model Name/Number
4600 Kg
Automation Grade
Cooling Type
Oil Mist Lubrication System
  • This highly advanced CNC High-Speed metal cutting circular saw machine can cut large diameter from 40 to 130 mm. with possibility to cut any alloy steel materials with fast cycle time and high accuracy.
  • Immense level of automation on this machine allows it to run fully automatically with bar loader and robotics based unloading system

Additional Features:

Cutting Capacity in Round Section :Round With Material (Brass, Mild Steel, Alloy Steel) 40 – 130 mm
Round With Material (Stainless Steel) 40 – 100 mm
Cutting Capacity in Square Section :Square With Material (Brass, Mild Steel, Alloy Steel) 40 – 90 mm
Square With Material (Stainless Steel) 40 – 70 mm
Feed :Rapid Traverse Cutter Axis 10 M / min
Rapid Traverse Feeder Axis 20 M / min
Ball Screw Cutter Axis Rolled 40 X 10 mm
Ball Screw Feeder Axis Ground 32 X 10 mm
Cutting Capacity With Auto Feed Length:Single Feed 10 To 700mm
Multi Feed Upto 1400mm
Remanant Length is 70 + Cutting Length
Main Spindle :Spindle Motor Power 20 HP / 15 Kw
Spindle Nose For Cutter Bore 50 MM
Spindle Range ( Blade Speed ) 30 ~ 130 RPM
Blade Details :Pin Details 4 X 15 X 80
Blade Size 420 X 50 X T2.7
Teeth Selection 60, 72, 80, 100, 120
Tooth Load Cutting Feed 0.01 – 0.10 mm/tooth

Black, Yellow


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