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This is a paint thinner. Designed to improve the flow of a range of Jotun epoxy products. Can also be used as cleaner for pumps and tools before and after painting.

Typical use

Specially suitable as thinner for epoxies and similar type products except Tankguard series. Recommended usage as per technical datasheet or application guide for the specific product to be applied.
When thinners are used as a cleaning solvent, the use must be in accordance with prevailing local regulations.


The product must be stored in accordance with national regulations. Keep the containers in a dry, cool, well ventilated space and away from sources of heat and ignition. Containers must be kept tightly closed. Handle with care.


This product is for professional use only. The applicators and operators shall be trained, experienced and have the capability and equipment to mix/stir and apply the coatings correctly and according to Jotun’s technical documentation. Applicators and operators shall use appropriate personal protection equipment when using this product. This guideline is given based on the current knowledge of the product. Any suggested deviation to suit the site conditions shall be forwarded to the responsible Jotun representative for approval before commencing the work.

Health and safety

Please observe the precautionary notices displayed on the container. Use under well ventilated conditions. Do not inhale spray mist. Avoid skin contact. Spillage on the skin should immediately be removed with suitable cleanser, soap and water. Eyes should be well flushed with water and medical attention sought immediately.

Colour variation

When applicable, products primarily meant for use as primers or antifoulings may have slight colour variations from batch to batch. Such products and epoxy based products used as a finish coat may chalk when exposed to sunlight and weathering

Colour and gloss retention on topcoats/finish coats may vary depending on type of colour, exposure environment such as temperature, UV intensity etc., application quality and generic type of paint. Contact your local Jotun office for further information.


Black, Yellow


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